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nearly overwhelmed, but still alive

Ugh. This month so far has been nearly overwhelming, with so much going on. Musically, I had Decibel Festival over the first weekend, and I've now got the City Arts Fest coming up this week. Health-wise, I came down with a cold after Decibel Festival, which knocked me down for a couple days; but this past week I've been riding my bike every day to KEXP for work. Volunteer-wise, I had the KEXP Fall Membership Drive. Work-wise, today I just finished up my week of full-time work at KEXP auditing the data entry for the membership drive; that meant a sudden big shift in my schedule as I had to get up a couple hours earlier than usual in order to be there during normal business hours. I also had a few bigger projects overlapping that week to do as well, so I've been running short on sleep and feeling pretty tired. I'm still working now on finishing a paper for tomorrow, I've got another project belatedly kicking off tomorrow, and another project that's turned into a bigger commitment.

All that work is good, because my finances collapsed on me at the start of the month—I basically had no work for six weeks in July and August, so I wasn't able to pay my credit cards or mortgage in September, so my credit cards have been cut off and my mortgage lender is threatening foreclosure. The mortgage situation is actually the less serious one, in that I'm already applying for an adjustment under the federal "Home Affordable Mortgage Program" (HAMP), so I can put off the foreclosure threat for a little while and hopefully avoid it entirely with some combination of an adjustment and increasing work/income. The credit card situation is more serious in that I've been relying on the two cards to cover my regular living expenses like food and transportation, and clearly I can't do that any longer. I'm getting some help from friends, it looks like I've got more work coming in for the next few months, I'm going to get by. Getting work is still the primary issue; I've known that I really haven't been making a living, I've just been staving off collapse, and I finally let it slip too far. I think I'm finally going to see more work coming in regularly, but I do still need to find more sources as well, or investigate returning to part-time or full-time employment. 

Negotiations for a settlement on last year's car crash are continuing. I think that's all I can or should say about that. But, that is something else to remark upon: a year ago tonight, at this time, I was in the hospital having narrowly avoided death or major bodily harm in the car crash. For all that this month's been nearly overwhelming, I'm still here, alive, to face it and live through it.

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