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Between the KEXP Fall Membership Drive, work, some hanging out with friends, and generally lying low and recovering from my cold and the busy week, I'm falling behind in my posts. So I'm a couple days late in telling you that last Friday, my second post about Decibel Festival 2011 went up on the KEXP Blog. This post steps back a day before the amazing Amon Tobin show and covers the Opening Party showcase at Re-bar on Wednesday night, September 28, which featured Zomby, Atom™ (aka Señor Coconut, both aliases of Uwe Schmidt), Jon McMillion, and 214. I knew in advance that I wanted to see 214 again, after enjoying his set at Bumbershoot, and that I wanted to check out Atom™ because I was aware of his Señor Coconut alias. I had intentions of also dropping in at a couple of the other showcases up on Capitol Hill, the DB Drum & Bass showcase at the Baltic Room and the Beat Prodigies showcase at Neumos, but in my one run up the hill to Neumos I realized the futility of that plan, as it just took too much time to walk that distance up and down the hill, leaving not enough time to get a good sense of anything. Although I was sad to lose the option of bouncing between venues throughout the evening, I was pleased that at least it sounded like each one would've been a good time, and I was overall happy with my choice. You can read my whole post now on the KEXP Blog.

On Friday and Saturday nights, I did spend more time bouncing between venues as Re-bar was off the list, and I still have to write a summary post for KEXP about those two nights. Then on Sunday I spent most of the night at the Baltic Room, cutting out early at the end and catching a bit of the scene at Re-bar, and that too will be another post for KEXP.

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