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Decibel Festival 2011 was quite an event this year. I got some good dancing in, and also saw several sets that I could enjoy as concert experiences rather than dance nights. But of all the showcases I was able to attend, nothing else was quite the amazing spectacle that was Amon Tobin's ISAM Live performance at the Paramount Theatre on Thursday, September 29. Although I knew of Amon Tobin and certainly had heard his music before on KEXP if nowhere else, I couldn't claim any familiarity with his work. However, I'd heard enough buzz about his new live show to know that it was an event not to be missed, and so it was the one event I made sure to lay claim to as the KEXP team of bloggers and photographers were discussing who would be covering which. Sure enough, it was astonishing and awesome, and I'm very glad I had the opportunity to experience it. I also enjoyed discovering opening acts Eskmo and Tokimonsta. You can read my whole post on the KEXP Blog. I did take some photos of my own, but haven't yet downloaded them from the camera I was borrowing (which I'll have to do later tonight). Also, my Flickr Pro account is about to expire, so it'll be limited until I can afford to renew my membership (which hopefully I can do later this month), which makes me less inclined to hurry with uploading my photos.

I still have to do write-ups for the other days. Unfortunately, this has been a week of things piling on top of me: I already had shifts scheduled to do for the KEXP Fall Membership Drive and a major work project to finish, when I had additional work come up, and I also came down with a cold which I no doubt picked up over the weekend at the festival. So I'm still hoping to get at least one more written and posted by Friday, but I'm not sure yet when that will happen.

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