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everything comes at once

This week is the 2011 Decibel Festival, which I'm very excited to once again be attending as a blogger for KEXP. It starts Wednesday afternoon with the conference sessions—the music programming starts in the evening—and runs through Sunday night. And next week is the KEXP fall membership drive, when I'm doing three volunteer shifts, and the week after that will be my now-usual full-week contract at KEXP to audit the data entry. 

Naturally, that means this is the week when I'm involved in editing a paper that could range up to 200 pages, that's already been pushed back a week, and that still doesn't have all the sections turned in from the various authors or reviewers. I also have been expecting another few documents from another client, which mercifully seem to be still in limbo somewhere (I should probably drop that client a note…), and I just gave an estimate of needing a day to turn around another document that could drop on me at any time. Plus I know there's another big project coming up, and always the potential for other work to come up at short notice—I rarely get any kind of advance notice, unless it's a really big project.

Why couldn't some of this work have shown up in August, when I really needed some? Yes, I know, August is always slow. Yes, I'm grateful to have some coming in now, when I desperately need it. (Know anyone who needs any kind of business/marketing/non-fiction editing? Put them in contact with me!) I'm just saying, the timing could be better, and more evenly spaced.

So, I don't know how much I'll be posting for the rest of the week. I'll try to at least toss up a daily photo from Decibel Festival, but even that is trickier when I'm borrowing a digital camera (thanks again Gina) instead of using my iPhone camera (still broken). Meanwhile, back to editing this paper…


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