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the weekend, and getting home from the Hill

It's been a somewhat busy but very good weekend. Friday I got up very late and didn't get much of anything done in the afternoon other than talking to my lawyers about the car crash settlement (still in negotiations) and being on a conference call about condo-related business (as an association board member, not specific to me and my unit). I ran out very late to get some stuff at the grocery store, and on my way home got a phone call from Tony suggesting I come over for some games that evening, and so I never had time to post in the journal.

Yesterday I also got up late and spent much of the afternoon puttering around before cleaning the catbox and bathroom. Then I made a decent dinner, and then I went out dancing. It was possibly the best night out dancing so far this year—the music was great, the women were hot, I saw some friends and talked a bit to a couple new people, and I had a great time. My only complaint was that the second event, SpaceRock Saturdays at the Electric Tea Garden, ended about ten minutes before 5 AM, but the first bus that I could catch home goes by the closest stop at 5:35 AM. I didn't want to pay for a taxi, and I certainly didn't want to walk the nearly four miles home at that time after having been dancing almost constantly for over 6 hours, so I just had to walk to the bus stop and wait in the cool rainy darkness for about a half-hour until the bus arrived. I was pretty hungry too and would've liked to get a doughnut, but I couldn't think of anywhere either in the vicinity on Capitol Hill or downtown that would be open and serving fresh doughnuts at that time—as I thought, Top Pot isn't open until 7 AM on the weekend, and I'm sure that QFC's bakery wouldn't be open with fresh doughnuts quite that early either. I thought about how if I'd had my bike with me, I could've ridden home much sooner than waiting for the bus, but I doubt I'd have really wanted to go biking across town, either, after dancing, even though it's pretty much all downhill from there. I guess that's the sort of situation where Jay's suggestion that I should get a scooter is a good one; I'd have been able to zip over to the U District, where I'm told there's a 24-hour doughnut shop, and then zip home all in less time than it took to travel by bus. In any case, I couldn't help thinking about how 11 months ago to the day, at that time in the morning, I was being released from the hospital after my car crash. So a little discomfort of waiting out in the cold and rain for the bus wasn't such a big deal.

This week should be relatively quiet, with no big plans, which is good. Next week is Decibel Festival, and I will indeed be attending to cover it for KEXP, which I'm very excited about. But that will be five days of craziness, and the Fall Membership Drive starts that Friday, so I'll also be doing a few shifts the week after that. Plus I'll have at least one big paper to work on and should be getting some other projects as well.


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