Philip (philaros) wrote,

lag lag lag, sufferin' Safari

Okay, this is just ridiculous and impossible. Over the past several months, Safari's performance has become worse and worse until it now takes five times longer to do anything than it should. Even now, just trying to type in the post window for LiveJournal, I'm getting repeated beach-ball spinners as Safari lags and tries to keep up with what should be a negligably simple task. It's behaving as though the graphics engine/processor is constantly tied up at 100% capacity. At first the problem seemed to be tied to running Windows in Parallels at the same time, but now it just behaves terribly no matter what I'm doing—I could have Safari as the only program open and still be having this terrible lag and responsiveness. I have no idea what the problem is, doing things such as removing the Flash plug-in and resetting Safari had little if any effect, and I doubt whether wiping my whole system and reinstalling would actually resolve it or not. I do, or did, want to upgrade to OS X Lion, so that would be a good time to do a wipe and clean install. But I wonder whether the problem actually is somehow hardware-related—after all, this laptop is about 4.5 years old now, and did get splashed with hot chocolate earlier this year (not to mention there's probably lots of cat hair stuck inside)—in which case trying to fix it by a software reinstall would be a waste of time. Unfortunately simply replacing it is still not an option, at least not until the car crash settlement is resolved and possibly not even then, depending on how that goes. However, I'm going to have to do something soon, because this is getting to be literally unworkable. I guess tomorrow I'll really have to spend time backing things up so I can give the wipe and reinstall a try.

Meanwhile I'm working on a review of Unwoman's new album Uncovered Volume 1. (Super-short version: I like it, it's good.) It's going slower than expected (and not just because of the terrible computing performance I'm suffering with right now); I'd hoped to have it done this evening, but it became clear I wasn't going to finish before midnight. And I'm pretty tired as I got up at 7 am this morning—about four hours after I usually go to bed and two hours before I usually wake up—in order to attend a meeting at City Hall in support of KEXP's proposed move to Seattle Center. Incidentally, I'm proud of myself for never nodding off during the meeting, and I also managed to resist taking a nap this afternoon, although I didn't really accomplish anything else particularly useful today. In any case, I doubt I'll be staying up much later, so I'll probably finish up the review tomorrow or over the weekend—I should definitely have it done by Monday, in part because I'm expecting to have a lot more paid work to do next week and in part because I don't want to drag it out any longer than that. Oh and I still have to sort through my Bumbershoot photos and get those uploaded; I was intending to start that this evening, but then I thought that, having already listened to Uncovered a couple times, it wasn't going to take long to marshall my thoughts around it. Clearly I'm in danger of over-thinking it. Well, more on that later.
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