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days and nightmares, and other stuff

Yesterday I did drag myself out of bed as planned—well, about 15 minutes after shutting off my alarm, but still, I did get up then instead of sleeping in another couple hours—and after having my usual light breakfast, went on a bike ride around Lake Union. It was rather nice actually, not too strenuous, and I did not get any cramps as I feared I might from cycling not too long after eating. I figured that it would be better to have my bowl of cereal and glass of orange juice than to try cycling on an empty stomach first thing after sleeping. So that was a good start to the day. I had lunch with Tony, spent a few hours at Bauhaus doing work, and despite feeling pretty tired when I got home, still took the time to make a decent dinner. I didn't leave myself time to make a journal post, but otherwise it was a pretty satisfactory day.

Today had a much rougher start. After getting to bed unexpectedly later than intended, I slept for a few hours only to get into a nightmare and wake myself up by screaming. (I was checking lights in my childhood home, someone left one on in the garage (accessed through the spooky basement), and when I opened the door to the garage, there was some guy there! Who then lunged at me, screaming in surprise or terror, in much the way that I also then started screaming.) Fortunately the sun was already well up, so it was much easier to calm down than when I wake in the dark. But still, that basically killed my resolve to get up as planned and do some kind of upper-body stretching or exercises. Instead, I went back to sleep… only to have another nightmare a couple hours later, about killing a large moth in my kitchen only to see it was full of larval moths which I was then terrified would hatch on the spot, and I woke myself again with another (shorter) scream. It's very unusual for me to have two screaming nightmares in one night. I don't feel like I was under any extra tension or stress, so I'm not sure what brought that on.

Anyhow, it consequently was a pretty unproductive day. The main thing I did was to pick up my tickets for Bumbershoot and check in at KEXP about what I'd be doing for them this weekend. I'll have a media pass for Saturday and Sunday, and will be posting photos to Facebook and Twitter from KEXP's Bumbershoot Music Lounge performances. I'm looking forward to that and to also catching some of the other acts later in the evening. I'm not sure yet about Monday, though—the online team won't need me, I might still be able to pick up a shift helping the info tent, but probably I'll have to buy a ticket at the gate that day. As there are several bands on Monday I really want to see, I expect I'll be there regardless. I'm particularly interested in Craft Spells, Beat Connection, and Pezzner on Saturday; Com Truise, Warpaint, School of Seven Bells, and Lusine on Sunday; and Head Like A Kite, YACHT, Ill Cosby, Phantogram, and, yes, Hall & Oates on Monday. 

Because I'll have my laptop with me on Saturday and Sunday, I may be able to get a quick post done here as well. I'll be borrowing a camera from someone in order to do the Facebook posts, so I may be able to get a photo post or two. I don't know yet about Monday. I really can't wait to get a new iPhone—I'm definitely missing having a camera available, and I'm getting more annoyed about not being able to run apps because they require a more recent OS that my iPhone doesn't support—but unfortunately I'm caught between the lack of any definite news about an iPhone 5 release and the strong indications that such a thing is indeed very likely to come out within the next month. So I'll just have to continue to be patient.

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