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sleep and stuff

I have at least the vague illusion of productivity today, as I took care of a couple outstanding tasks for Go Play NW and sent a few work-related emails. I got up much too late to go for a bike ride, as I'm still claiming to intend to do—do or do not, there is no intention—and really right after I post this, I need to check my previous cycling posts so I have a better idea of what route I ought to do. 

I hung out with a friend this evening, went to Caffe Ladro for a hot chocolate, and stopped to get some groceries at PCC on the way home. As soon as I got home, I felt that kind of pressure-headache that comes with tiredness. There's no reason why walking home with groceries would've caused that, and I'd also had a snack at Ladro so it wasn't due to being hungry either. I guess it's just part of my continued bad habit of staying up so late and having my sleep broken up by trying to get up by mid-morning. So I also need to get to bed earlier. I thought about going straight to bed but figured I'd end up just lying there, feeling tired and headachy but unable to fall asleep due to it being so much earlier than I usually do. Hrm, I just had an unhappy thought: I usually have to do some resetting of my schedule when the KEXP membership drives come around, but the next one starts the same weekend as Decibel Festival, when I'm usually out very late for five days in a row. That'll be unpleasant. Of course, I'm not sure yet if I'm going to be covering the festival, but I'm fairly confident it'll happen. Anyhow, that sort of thing also makes me reluctant to bother trying to reset my sleep pattern (before the festival, that is). But another good reason to do so is that summer's ending, so soon I'll want to be up earlier in the day just to get as much as I can of the limited sunlight.

That's enough rambling for the evening. Probably tomorrow I'll get to writing a summary of the Concerts at the Mural.


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