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catching up on the weekend

I missed a couple days of posting due to a busy weekend. Friday was the last of this year's Concerts at the Mural, so I was at Seattle Center for that first. The battery for the camera I borrowed from Gina ran low, so I had to do my best to quickly grab a few decent shots of each band and then get them uploaded. I thought that I was recharging the battery in between shoots, by plugging it into a power socket through the USB connector I was using to download the photos onto my computer. However, I've just looked up the camera's manuals, and as far as I can tell, the battery can only be charged using a separate battery charger, and it doesn't get any power through the USB connector. If that's indeed the case, then I was very lucky to be able to get photos of all the bands and get them transferred to my computer.

As it was, a bunch of the photos I took were blurry and had to be tossed out. I don't believe I was any shakier holding the camera than I had been last week, when I didn't have any such trouble, and I did make an effort to compensate this week by holding the shutter button partway down to get it to auto-focus, but that often seemed to just make the results worse. So I'm not sure what was happening there, unless the low power somehow made a difference to the camera's ability to focus. In any case, I was able to get a few decent photos of each band and upload something to the KEXP Facebook account, so I'm glad I got that done.

I had risen pretty late that Friday, so I had breakfast some time around 1 pm or so. Then at the concert I was mostly busy running around, so I didn't want to take the time to get food from Skillet (which in the previous weeks always seemed to take at least 20 minutes) and didn't really think about running into the Center House for food until the concert was halfway over. I ended up deciding I just wouldn't bother with food until afterward, as I was planning to go out to Neumos to see the final Sleepy Eyes of Death concert. Of course, not having eaten in 8 hours or so, I was feeling really tired and a bit crabby by the time I got home from the Mural concert, and almost didn't bother with the other one. But I really didn't want to make anything for myself, either, so the need for dinner got me right back out the door and off to Capitol Hill. (I'd only gone home from the Mural show in the first place because I didn't want to bring my heavy backpack with laptop inside out to the Neumos show.) Rule number one, "It's always the right decision to go to the show", was proven correct yet again, as I had a couple tasty slices of pizza at Big Mario's, caught the last couple songs by Flexions which sounded good, and enjoyed Sleepy Eyes of Death's set too. In retrospect it wasn't a must-see show, but I'm glad that I did get to catch them as the band is officially done now. 

Yesterday was the day to clean the cat's litterbox and the bathroom, which meant I had to run out to the store for cat litter and a few other groceries. And then I went out to a summer party hosted by my friend Tilly and organized by a small group including her and her husband. It's the third year I've been out to this party, and it's a lot of fun. It's nice to hang out with these music-scene people at a party, for a change from seeing them at concerts (although in fact a few bands played sets in the garage, so it was a concert as well) where it's harder to have conversations. 

And today was the restful not-busy day, when I just had laundry to do. I got the rest of the Mural concert photos processed and uploaded to Flickr, I listened through some new music added to my iTunes library, and now I might work on the cover for this year's V-forum mix CD. Or maybe I'll just play some Soulcalibur, which I haven't done in several days.


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