Philip (philaros) wrote,

still thinking about swordplay

Speaking of Soulcalibur—which, if you don't know, is a fighting game that has the possibly unique focus of sword-based (or other melee weapon) combat, rather than the usual hand-to-hand martial arts—lately I've been feeling a lot like swinging a sword around again. Weapons training was something I particularly enjoyed when I was studying the martial arts, and it would be a very satisfying way of working out feelings of frustration or moodiness. The trouble is, I don't really have adequate space in my home to do that—at best I may be able to practice some basic cuts, provided my cat doesn't get in the way—and I don't really remember any of the forms. I also still don't have any funds to spare on taking lessons somewhere again, which is too bad, as there's a place up in north Seattle, the Chinese Shaolin Center of Seattle, that offers a combination of tai chi, kung fu, and weapons very similar to what I was last studying back East. Much closer to my home, there's a tai chi studio run by Karin Collins, who apparently first studied at Embrace the Moon, which I tried a few years ago. I liked Embrace the Moon, but felt their tai chi wasn't energetic enough for what I was seeking, so that's an argument against going to the Karin Collins school; however, Collins apparently does or will be offering classes in sword and spear as well, so it may well be more like what I'm looking for.

Hah, and I forgot that I already wrote about this back in April. Well, obviously I didn't pick up with the sword exercising I was thinking about doing. Heck for that matter, although I now have a bicycle, I haven't even been using that as much as I should be or want to. I need to make some changes here. Hmm, wait… sword-cycling? Hell, if shooting at stuff while cross-country skiiing can be an Olympic sport, I don't see why we can't have bicycling and swordplay. Anyhow, I'm not sure about the wisdom of exercising first thing in the morning before breakfast, when my energy reserves would be low, but I probably ought to be doing a bicycle ride first thing a couple times a week, as that'd ensure it was done for the day. As my breakfast is just a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice, maybe I could even eat that first and then do the bike ride. Doing that and alternating with some basic sword exercises a couple times a week would be a good thing. Of course, here I'm falling afoul of the problem I wrote about at the beginning of the month—making plans or goals public tends to result in them never happening. But I'm basically thinking out loud here, and I'm not going to now delete this whole entry just for that reason. Anyhow, I need to head for home, and make some dinner when I get there, so I won't have time to write another post before midnight.
Tags: cycling, exercise, goals, health, martial arts

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