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Today we did a cat-walk for the third time, and it went well. This time it did not end with her scrambling for the house in a panic, which was nice. I let her range further down the sidewalk, which actually made me rather nervous because I was expecting something to happen to panic her, and I didn't like being that far from the house if that happened. She was alarmed a couple times but fortunately no one ever came close enough to really panic her, and there were no noisy cars.

She found a tree to climb up, which amused me at first, but the second time she went up I let her get too far, into the first set of branches, and realized my mistake - it would be difficult to get her to come back down the same way, so that the leash wouldn't be a problem. Sure enough, when she finally decided to come down, I had to let go of the leash. Fortunately, she paused after landing, so I was able to get the leash again; more fortunately, nothing bad had happened with the leash getting caught in the tree or something. In the future, I'll have to keep the leash shorter when she jumps onto the tree so that she can't actually get up to the branches.

In the end, the real problem turned out to be getting her back into the house. I was able to get her to head back to the house simply by holding the leash firmly until she moved back toward the house, and then I'd keep moving closer to the house so she couldn't go away again. However, any time I tried to pick her up, she would hiss at me, and sometimes bite or paw at me. Finally I realized that I would have to be capable of asserting myself over her, because there might be occasions when I couldn't wait to entice her back inside. So I picked her up, and was happy that despite a protesting hiss and a little gnawing on my hand, she didn't actually fight me or try to scramble back out of my arms.

She definitely behaves differently outside, and clearly would prefer not to be in the harness. When she gets outside, the first thing she does is roll on the ground a bit, as if to scrape the harness off. And when I'd got her back to the porch, she definitely tried a few times to get out of the harness by rolling and scraping against the ground. However, she doesn't seem to be bothered simply by the fact of wearing it, she just knows it's preventing her from going everywhere she'd like and that's when it irks her. She doesn't seem to be holding any resentment though, so I'm hoping she'll adjust or at least not develop any resentment. And when we got back inside, she gave some "can we go outside again?" mews, so she at least seems to like going outside despite the harness.

Incidentally, I made a new post earlier this evening, it's below this one. Just thought I'd mention that because it's unusual for me to post twice in one day and I didn't want it to go overlooked.



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May. 23rd, 2005 02:43 pm (UTC)
She sounds like such a cutie! Glad she's adjusting well to the harness. :)
May. 23rd, 2005 03:36 pm (UTC)
Phil, I think you're learning a lot, and not just about cats. :)--AtheG
May. 28th, 2005 05:54 pm (UTC)
a ghost-written LiveJournal entry for you!
Dear Philip the Pun,
I have taken the liberty of ghost-writing a new LiveJournal entry for you. Respectfully, Alkelda the Gleeful

A number of my fans have been wondering why I haven’t written juicy details of my life. “As of late, your journal entries are dry,” they complained. “It’s all about numbers and kitty harnesses. What ever happened to the underwear saga? What’s the latest with the personals ads?”

I replied, “Well, I do have to shop for new pants. It’s too hot for jeans, and I haven’t seen any cargo pants I’ve actually liked. I don’t like tan khakis either, and it’s hard to find great pants that don’t look too formal and also look good. Basically, I’m looking for the impossible.”

“That’s more like it,” they said.

I told them I would write no such thing. Besides, I have to write about the latest music show I’ve attended. Last night, I went to see the band Vermillion Attitude at a new club called the Sisyphus Stone, or “Sissy’s” for short. The lead singer was a hottie. She reminded me of a cross between Sarah Vowell and Clare Danes. Since the show, I have been listening constantly to Vermillion Attitude's new album, "Felt Angel.” After the show, I went out with Harper and Elizabeth to get drinks. Harper ordered a Maker’s Mark Manhattan, Elizabeth ordered a lemon drop, and I deliberated for a long time between the Stoli vanilla vodka and original Coke with Stoli vanilla vodka and vanilla Coke. After doing shum comparisons involving a lot of shipping, I dechided that I would go wid the ladder.

Current mood: sloshed
Current music: A3, “Woke Up this Morning”

Jun. 1st, 2005 01:08 am (UTC)
Re: a ghost-written LiveJournal entry for you!
To quote Too Much Joy, "Some of this is true / Some of this is better!"
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