September 1st, 2021

My tweets

  • Tue, 17:06: This is great news for John! And while Blades deservedly gets a lot of attention for its system, rapidly adopted and adapted for many other games, this draws attention to the excellent work John did in crafting an evocative setting that inspires storytelling.
  • Tue, 17:32: RT @ACertainAbbie: Hiiii @kexp 1-5 AM PT tonight
  • Tue, 19:50: Samplecity through Trancentral Basic face kick elemental Swings brings new technology The 'K' the 'L' the 'F' and the ology Da Force coming down with mayhem Looking at my watch, time 3 A.M. Got to see that everywhere I turn Will point to the fact that time is eternal
  • Tue, 22:10: Don’t miss Abbie tonight on @kexp! Or do miss her tonight because you’ll be able to listen later via the two-week streaming archive at—BUT now or later, be sure to listen some time and savor it like a fine glass of wine, ‘cause she’ll be gone for a bit!
  • Tue, 23:35: I was taking care of dishes and only half-noticed a cool-sounding song in the background; was it this or Turnstile’s “Underwater Boi” that @superlario played before it on @kexp? Either way I’ll have to look up the new Duran Duran song, @jennygeorge won’t forgive me if I don’t!
  • Wed, 02:20: I don’t know why I never got into Killing Joke decades ago because this song is a killer, and it’s not the only one. I may need to bump them up in my list of back catalogues to listen to. Thanks to DJ @ACertainAbbie on @kexp for the reminder!