July 30th, 2021

My tweets

  • Thu, 16:08: Hey, we at @GoPlayNW are working on holding an online weekend event this year, planning for September, and we’ll be ready to open registration soon; we want to know what’d work best for you. Please check out our poll! https://t.co/s8BGDy3gsP
  • Thu, 21:35: RT @bluishorange: for a media outlet to ask this question, reinforcing the false idea that it’s totally fine to demand all the perks of mod…
  • Thu, 21:46: I’m an editor in info tech, and literally today my salary went from near the low end of this range to near the high end. Is that rent manageable for people in that range? It can be, yes. Do I believe most hospitality industry people are paid that much? No, I do not. https://t.co/AkttfrQfTs
  • Thu, 22:49: Well, THAT certainly caught my attention immediately, and I put that EP down on my 2021 list. https://t.co/FMw66E9RNU
  • Thu, 22:57: Yes @notmarcocollins, of course I remember this song! It’s a classic! https://t.co/YO361jgyqk