June 14th, 2021

My tweets

  • Sun, 15:54: Original tweet from @OhNoSheTwitnt: “Why does everything Fox News wants its viewers to be afraid of sound like a cool band? ANTIFA. Reverse Racism. BLM. Caravan of Migrants. Social Justice Warriors. Critical Race Theory. I would absolutely attend this music festival.” https://t.co/QSo2gqeTkw
  • Mon, 04:20: I know I have friends who will want to see this. https://t.co/sIqMdoDurV
  • Mon, 04:46: RT @Secondlina: Do you need wizard references? Google orchestra conductors. https://t.co/q6nQrVFxVd
  • Mon, 05:07: Judging by the unusually large numbers of ads—sorry, “promoted tweets”—in my timeline since I went to bed Saturday night, I think Twitter was trying to punish me for not having time on Sunday to keep up.