June 9th, 2021

My tweets

  • Tue, 15:57: I still don’t understand why Texas gets to determine national textbook standards. California has a substantially larger population, why aren’t we catering to them? Why doesn’t the Northeast collaborate to set standards that include facts about slavery* and the Civil War? https://t.co/vEFOjcr39l
  • Tue, 17:12: RT @ImMeganLive: IOS blocked access to all Discord NSFW servers. Discord just added a new workaround! Simply log on a Desktop, then go to…
  • Tue, 17:44: I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow for important Cat Health Care Business, so I probably won’t stay up for all of @ACertainAbbie’s show on @kexp this week, but you should! …aww who am I kidding, of course I will and just be short on sleep tomorrow! https://t.co/FwTvGbwue1