March 30th, 2021

My tweets

  • Mon, 16:47: Aw rats, I was on the phone and missed this! DJ @rizrollins kicking out a catalogue deep-cut by the Police! *and* now he’s playing “The Sheltering Sky” by King Crimson! It’s a great afternoon to be listening to Drive Time on @kexp!
  • Mon, 17:44: RT @AntonyJohnston: Song's not quite as good as last year, but the video is 🔥😘👌
  • Tue, 01:00: “While the world is sleeping, we meet at Lincoln Hall Talk about life, the meaning of it all Try to make sense of the suburban sprawl Try to hang on, Maxine” Aww, so much love for Donald Fagen and this album! A wonderful surprise thanks to DJ @seanmorroww on @KEXP! ❤️ 🌃 🎶