March 16th, 2021

My tweets

  • Mon, 17:36: Electric Bastionland is a weird, fun game. @tonydowler @TracyEOBrien @mummylaundering will appreciate this thread. Did we ever really settle whether Dylan was playing Castor or Pollux, or alternating between both?
  • Mon, 18:02: I don’t know anything about MÖRK BÖRG, but just this character sheet makes me think @tonydowler (and I) should be taking a look at DUKK BÖRG.
  • Mon, 20:46: When I left my home this evening I saw a bunny, and when I got home I saw a raccoon. The last time I saw that many wild animals in my ‘hood was when I hadn’t yet backed the Root RPG Kickstarter. A springtime coincidence? Or A MESSAGE FROM DA BOSS? …I’d better back it!