February 11th, 2021

My tweets

  • Wed, 17:47: Good news for Washington. I don’t know whether this asshole has any further recourse to appeal and draw this out further, but still it looks like we’re finally starting to see the end of his grift that’s been so troublesome and harmful to our society. https://t.co/DkH0tO8eM3
  • Wed, 18:12: Worse: my Canon MP600 refuses to let me access the *scanner* functions because it’s out of printer ink. https://t.co/FeiAKc2NdZ
  • Thu, 02:16: I was at home working and listening to the overnight on @kexp with @reverenddollars when suddenly I found myself transported to a dark dance club, the like of which I haven’t seen in well over a year. https://t.co/TIlaCnmPFU