January 11th, 2021

My tweets

  • Sun, 15:34: Here’s evidence and on-the-ground coverage of how the insurrection proceeded. It’s particularly notable how the Capitol Police, at least outside the Capitol, just don’t seem concerned about doing their job and preventing this from occurring. https://t.co/KvhgZP8udA
  • Sun, 15:42: Honestly though, this the absolute bare minimum. Some of the Republicans blaring the most about “unity” are complicit in these crimes, and are trying to avoid the consequences. They should resign, and if not must be removed from office. https://t.co/xq8h3H5Lhs
  • Sun, 19:11: RT @TerryBoutonHist: My wife and I attended the “Stop the Steal” Trump Insurrection on Wednesday (as observers, NOT participants) and there…
  • Mon, 04:24: One more (two-part) post on the fifth anniversary of Bowie’s passing. Video director Jonathan Barnbrook: “I saw it as a celebration of David, to say that despite the adversity we face, the difficult things that happen such as David’s passing…” (1/2) https://t.co/3LAQpQmnY1