January 8th, 2021

My tweets

  • Thu, 19:34: There must be consequences. The Republican Party is an existential threat to our citizens, our society, and the world. They must be removed from office. https://t.co/1DCasaOsoE
  • Thu, 19:41: RT @jmpalmieri: It has not escaped my attention that the day social media companies decided there actually IS more they could do to police…
  • Thu, 19:45: This will be insufficient if @JoeBiden, his admin, and the Democrats in Congress insist on “returning to normal” and not pursuing investigations and consequences for Trump, his cronies, and the Republicans who enabled them. https://t.co/9PQ3qg09RU
  • Thu, 19:53: Chao is complicit. All the Cabinet members who have suddenly decided they can’t support the President any longer and must resign? All of them are abdicating their responsibility regarding the 25th Amendment, and attempting to dissociate from Trump now to avoid consequences. https://t.co/OcxoCN3amu
  • Thu, 19:57: Hah, just said the same thing on my previous tweet—this is what happens when I’m catching up on Twitter hours later in the day. There must be consequences for the members of the Trump admin and members of Congress who aided and abetted in these many wrongs to our nation. https://t.co/ojDzm4ju7N
  • Thu, 22:06: RT @IlhanMN: Please call the House to order and let’s get it done. Today. Right now. The world is watching and waiting for us to act.
  • Thu, 23:26: RT @BreeNewsome: Biden being sworn in does not signal the defeat of fascism or the security of democracy anymore than Lincoln being sworn i…
  • Thu, 23:50: RT @SenWarren: Betsy DeVos has never done her job to help America’s students. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that she’d rather quit than do…
  • Fri, 00:14: Bernard Sumner just told us we’re listening to @KEXP, and when did THAT happen that they got him to do a station ID?? HOW did that happen?? https://t.co/SvAznaY4sx
  • Fri, 00:31: It’s Intergalactic Bowie Day; he should be 74 today. He’s still missed. Cc @KEXP https://t.co/ZMNlLrNPq1
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