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apartment update, final percentages

Well, my landlord has decided to raise the rent, due to higher utility (water/sewage) costs. He's only raising it by 5% though, which is $35 for me (how much do I pay monthly? do the math, kids! it's fun!), and I have no problem with that. The reason he's raising the rent now is that he apparently has determined, or decided, that he can't get a builder for the summer because they're all already committed. So apparently the renovations are on hold for the next few months. This is good for me, as it means I don't have to worry about being asked to move for a few months while I'm looking for a condo. The landlord does still plan to do the renovations, and the housing market isn't getting any cheaper, so there's no reason for me to abandon my plan to buy, either.

I now have all my financial information for the past two years in Quicken, so I need to run a couple reports and go talk to my bank, and some other places. My final percentages look like this:

Rent 24.83%
Auto 13.18%
Cash 11.57%
Medical 8.75%
Utilities 8.45%
Groceries 6.07%
Taxes 5.44%
Entertainment 4.75%
Vacation 4.24%
Computer 3.14%
Other 9.63%

That's the top ten categories; "Other" includes another twelve categories that are all less than 2% apiece, ranging from "Dining" (out) at 1.92% to "Bank Fees" at 0.01%. Of course, percentages aren't what the bank or other mortgage lender will be interested in, they'll be interested in what I pay per month, and I have to run a report to figure that out. Well, for the most part I can just go with my past month's expenses, but I want to get the average on my credit card payments.



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May. 23rd, 2005 02:44 pm (UTC)
I think it's sort of funny that he's raising the rent because he *can't* renovate the place right away. Isn't it that you'd normally raise the rent after renovating? ;)
May. 23rd, 2005 10:29 pm (UTC)
Well he's already been dealing with the higher water costs and he needs to pass that on to us, and the renovations have been put off indefinitely so he can't wait until after that. He did say that he meant to wait until after the renovations were done.
May. 23rd, 2005 03:34 pm (UTC)
bank fees??
your bank charges you fees?

month charge or something??

I'd get a new bank... I thought every bank was offering free checking with free online bill pay, as long as your check was direct deposit... is this not the case? sure its a small percentage, but still. "10 bucks, is 10 bucks." : )

vacation? vegas? did any of that go into entertainment?

I like the longer list, thats was fun to see... Cat expense...

and where is the final line that says, not living in Nashua with the Parents = Priceless. : )
May. 23rd, 2005 10:41 pm (UTC)
Re: bank fees??
The "Bank Fees" is a whopping $3.00 charge imposed by whomever owned the ATM that I used in Vegas, not by my bank. Come to think of it, I thought that I had one or two other ATM fees, but maybe those were from before the time period I included. There are plenty of WaMu ATMs around here so it's rarely an issue for me to avoid other ATMs.

"Entertainment" is probably 35% CDs, 30% RPGs, 15% books, 15% DVDs, and 5% going out to the movies. Actually I'll have to see if it'll give me a more accurate breakdown, I'm curious now. The trips to Vegas, to Maine for your wedding, and home for Christmas all went into "Vacation", including the cash I took out for the trips (which normally goes under "Cash").

And since you liked the longer list, maybe I'll post that later.
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