September 30th, 2008

dad's birthday

Today is my dad's birthday! He is now 69 years old. Since my last post about him, his recovery from the colectomy has progressed fairly well. He spent about two weeks in Boston after the operation, and then transferred to a rehab center in Nashua, which is close to home and much easier for my mom. He's been working on building up his strength again, and although he has days when he's just very tired, he seems to be doing well and is in decent spirits.

I may not have mentioned before that my dad is a ward alderman on the city's board of aldermen. Of course, he's been unable to fulfill his duties over the past month or two, but once he returned to Nashua from Boston he started watching the aldermanic meetings on TV, which was a good sign that he was feeling better. Recently the mayor let him know that a new state law allowed for board members to vote by telephone. As a result, he was able to participate and vote through speakerphone in an important meeting last week concerning the Broad Street Parkway, a project that's been under serious consideration for at least 20 years. The Nashua Telegraph has an article about the meeting, which talks a lot about the controversy over my dad's unexpected participation, apparently almost as controversial as the parkway project itself. The opportunity to resume his duties even on a limited basis really helped cheer my dad up, and I'm glad he's able to continue doing something he's always enjoyed a lot, serving in local government.