September 22nd, 2008

running around

JP & Gertrude
"Late for the Interurban"

I've been running around a lot lately, going to a bunch of shows, and hosting my brother on his first visit to Seattle. I still have several shows to write up and the rest of my photos from Jeremy's visit to upload. I have some work to do, I have to update my resume, and I have to get busy making new contacts for work. I have to go shopping for some new clothes and new boots. I still have a few minor things I want to do around my condo. I really do want to pull out my violin and do some playing. I have some games to read, a D&D adventure to plan out, an AGON Shadowrun draft to finish writing up. No doubt a bunch of other things to do as well.

Why do I find it so hard to stop running around like a clown, sabotaging my own efforts? Why do I let time slip away? Why can't I keep better track of time?

Perhaps this has something to do with it:

JP's watch