August 16th, 2008

busy week

My sister Andrea and her partner Jen arrived a week ago Thursday for a two-week visit. It doesn't seem like we've done a lot, and yet I feel like I've been very busy the whole time and the week's flown by.

We had a good party tonight, and I'm relieved it came off well. I had decided to throw one as soon as I found out Andrea and Jen were coming to visit, just as I've done each time they've visited before, but I put off sending out the invitations until Monday night - partly because there was some question of whether Friday night would be better than Saturday night, and partly because I developed a little bad attitude that I'd already waited too long to let people know and no one was going to be able to come. In fact, although not everyone I invited was able to make it, we ended up having more people than expected and it was a good time. I prepared two kinds of ice cream, raspberry swirl and mocha chip, earlier in the week, and this afternoon I made a couple batches of pizza dough and we had custom-crafted pizza for everyone. Andrea and Jen were a huge help in preparing the pizza toppings, and Andrea actually did the pizza cooking.

Tomorrow we're going to Jen's aunt's cabin on Marrowstone Island for a couple days, so I'll be offline until Tuesday night. Then Andrea and Jen leave on Wednesday night. For now, I have to pick out some stuff to pack and get to bed.