July 19th, 2008

catching up

I did not use the available time last night to make a post in my journal, so now I have to squeeze out a quick note while I eat dinner before I head out to a party at a friend's house.

Dad had another short hospital stay a few weeks ago, while they determined that the pain he'd been having in his knee was caused by an infection in the bone. He's now on an antibiotics treatment as an outpatient, and hopefully it'll all be cleared up in a few weeks.

I had another several-day bout of bodyaches and whatnot that led to me visiting the doctor yet again, and yet again determining that it was stress and anxiety. We did an EKG just in case and the doctor said it was the best EKG result he'd ever seen. So I really have to learn to chill out. This time I agreed to try out a prescription for a "rescue" medicine (lorazepam, if you know about these things) to take when I'm undergoing the aches and anxiety in order to help me calm down. We'll see if that helps. I tried one that night before going to bed, as the symptoms hadn't fully gone away yet, and I did feel more relaxed and the aches were gone the next day.

Meanwhile, this afternoon Nimiel started her repetitive litterbox visit behavior that she's suffered from before. Her box was due to be cleaned this weekend so I made sure to do that, and I'm hoping that maybe she'll chill out too and not need a vet visit and medication.

In more positive stuff, work's been good so far this summer. I finally am for real clearing out my credit card debt, it'll be paid off next month. I'm hoping maybe I'll be able to do the next step of the dental work in the fall, maybe November. Also next month, my sister Andrea and her girlfriend Jen are coming to visit, and in September my brother Jeremy's coming for his first visit.

Finally, in concert news I've decided to go to Bumbershoot this year. Saturday, Beehive and Mono In VCF are playing; Sunday, Sons and Daughters are back; and Monday, Battles are back. Those are all good enough reasons to attend. Kinski is also playing at Bumbershoot Saturday night, but Freezepop are going to be in town for PAX on Friday and will be playing a club show on Saturday, so I'll go see them instead.

And I'm done dinner and it's time to head out to the party.

p.s. I tried out swing dancing last week with my friend Dawn. Getting the timing right for the super-basic step is surprisingly tricky. I intend to sign up for a short class that Dawn's also taking, starting next week, although I think I have a conflict that will make me miss at least one class.