July 6th, 2008

Flickr stats, May vs. June

Flickr Stats 06-09-2008

Flickr Stats 07-04-08

I enabled tracking of stats for my Flickr account a few months ago, probably around February. Since I did so, the highest daily views had been somewhere between 75 and 100, maybe a bit more. At the beginning of June, I uploaded my photos from Go Play NW 2008, and posted a link to them in the Story Games forum. Although the con itself was attended by fewer than 50 people, the photos caused a huge spike in my daily views, as the top graph shows. After some checking, it turns out although there are only a couple hundred or so regular posters on the Story Games forum, there are over 1600 registered members, so a good number of them must've taken a look.

I've kept my eye on the stats since then, curious to see how the number of views would change. The second spike occurred after I posted my photos of the Fremont Solstice Parade 2008, which did not surprise me. Since then, my daily views have been in the 20-40 range, and I'll be interested to see if that persists or if it gradually drops back to just a couple random people a day.

While I'm at it... for a long time my most-viewed photos have been ones of my cat. In particular, this photo of Nimiel looking at herself in the mirror has been my most-viewed photo pretty much since I uploaded it, and currently has 169 views (but the cropped version is better). This is no surprise, but although some of them are good, I have to say I don't believe they're really my best work so far, and I may be a tiny bit jealous of how they get the most attention. (Of course, I did post them to the flame-point siamese photo pool, so that explains some of the attention.) Also not surprisingly, the first photos to seriously challenge the domination of the cat photos are a couple from the Solstice Parade that feature mostly-nude bodypainted women. However, the photos I like best of my own are in the set My Own Favorites.