May 23rd, 2008

bring on the night

Here I am again at Bauhaus on a Friday night, working. This project has been keeping me up all night, in part because there's an editor on the East Coast working on the document during the day, handing it off to me to review his work and do my own editing at night. Since I've been up even later than usual, but still getting up around the same time, I'm starting to feel pretty dragged out and irritable.

However, one of the baristas has put on a mix CD of The Police. I own their complete recordings box set myself, but rarely listen to it anymore because it's so familiar and I have so much new music to get to know. So unexpectedly hearing this mix CD has forcefully reminded me that The Police are so good! This has cheered me up a lot and given me a little energy boost.

A similar thing happened last week actually, when I went to Caffe Ladro and discovered that the barista there was playing a mix of classic Steely Dan albums. It's thrilling to hear old favorites in public and discover that someone else shares your taste.

Both Steely Dan and The Police are playing in the Seattle area this summer, and I'd love to see them, but lawn seats are $65 for Steely Dan and $78 for The Police. I guess I'll always have the recordings to listen to, but man it'd be something to see them live...
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