March 2nd, 2008

no show tonight after all

I happened to hear on the radio this afternoon that the Balkan Beat Box show at Chop Suey which I had planned to attend tonight has been cancelled, due to members of the band being stopped at the border. The band's based in Brooklyn, so this is surprising to me; apparently though, from what their MySpace says about the band, not all the members are U.S. citizens.

More surprisingly, the DJ also mentioned that the show had been sold out. How was this show already sold out? The only reason I've even heard of these guys is because my sister plays with one of them in another band, and I've never heard of the other bands on the show either. I guess they're part of some scene that's totally outside my usual circles, but it still seems weird to me.

Oh well, now I have to make some decisions about the shows at the end of the month...