February 1st, 2008

no concert #2 for January

I had planned to go see Black Mountain, Yeasayer, and MGMT at Neumos last night, but despite knowing better I kept putting off getting a ticket for the show. When I finally checked online yesterday afternoon, sure enough it was sold out. I'm somewhat disappointed as I enjoyed Black Mountain the last time I saw them, and I was looking forward to finding out whether Yeasayer were as good (or better) live as their singles have been. So that's too bad, but hopefully Yeasayer will be back around later in the year.

Also, the local group of Story Games Forum people had another gathering that night too, so instead of attending just long enough to get dinner I was able to hang out for the evening, which was good. It's nice to be getting to know these people in person.

In any case, I did confirm that my friends Tony and Pam will be joining me for the Mono In VCF CD-release show at The Triple Door on February 9th, and I promptly ordered tickets for us. So that is one show I will not be missing, for sure! I also could go see Kinski at Neumos this Tuesday the 5th, but I think I'm going to be busy with work and I'm not planning on it. Likewise I expect to skip Editors at The Showbox on Monday, and the DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist/Kid Koala show on the 10th has sold out.