January 20th, 2008

Beehive, sharp as a stinger

Last night I posted my latest concert review, of Beehive at Nectar Lounge. I've just updated it with a couple photos, as well as my usual brief list of upcoming shows I'm considering or planning to attend, so if you already saw the post earlier today you might want to check it again.

However, I'm not posting simply to call more attention to the review. Rather, I have to say my photos of Beehive came out really well this time - I think I took some of my best concert photos at this show yet. It definitely helped that I got right up next to the stage for several of them, and that Nectar has good stage lighting. The Beehive photos begin here in my "Jan 08 shows" set. I'm particularly proud of this one, which came out really sharp and clear: