December 7th, 2006

teeth update

I haven't done an update on the teeth situation since August. Of course, I also hadn't seen the surgeon since then, but I had another checkup yesterday. Everything seems stable, so the next step is to schedule the secondary bone graft, to fill in the right side a bit. This time the operation is much simpler and can be done at the surgeon's office. They're going to do a pre-authorization check with the insurance to determine what will be covered, and I won't schedule it before then. At the soonest it'd happen in January or February, but I may just put it off to mid-summer if that won't cause problems, just to give myself some more time to cope with things financially.

Along those lines, I finally got a statement from the insurance company about the surgery bill, and the news is good, so far I don't owe anything more. There was some irregularity with the claim being filed, apparently the insurance company changed the way the doctor's office was supposed to submit the claim, so half the work is still being reviewed. That means I could end up having to pay something after all, but I'm hopeful that they are going to cover all of the rest. That would certainly make the next step easier; the estimate for this operation is a mere $2,300, of which they think I'd have to pay about $1,000, which is feasible.

After the touch-up graft, I'd probably have to wait another six months, maybe less, before they could implant the posts. If I do put off the next graft until summer, then the last step of the work, actually getting the false teeth, might not happen until 2008, coming on four years since I first saw the surgeon about that. I'm not impatient though; I do feel like things are progressing and the work will be done eventually.