November 3rd, 2006

blog and chat

For a while now, Friendster has offered free blogs for its users. I didn't bother starting one because I already have this LiveJournal and didn't know what I'd put on a Friendster blog instead of my LiveJournal. However, at the beginning of August, it occurred to me that I could cross-post my concert reviews there as a way of attracting more attention to my profile. I've got that blog linked in my sidebar here now, but if you don't normally view my journal page directly, the link is: If you enjoy my reviews and have a site of your own where you could post the link, I'd appreciate it. And of course if all you enjoy of my journal are the reviews, then you could start going there regularly instead of here. There's an RSS link on the site too for those of you who read things that way.

I think that unfortunately it's not actually bringing more attention to my profile. The blog entries don't appear on the profile page, as would seem to be the smart thing to do; instead there's just a small, not particularly noticeable link that says "view blog". However, they did add a feature for posting reviews that do appear on the profile page, so I've been using that to post a brief excerpt from each new review and a link to the full review on the blog. So, instead of using my Friendster blog to get more people to check out my profile, I've ended up using my profile to drive traffic to my blog. That seems screwed up, but that's how Friendster's set up.

Meanwhile, a month or two ago, LiveJournal added instant messaging support for its members, calling it LJTalk. It uses the Jabber protocol, which works with Gmail (GTalk), Earthlink, and iChat. I've long maintained a vocal dislike for IM, but a lot of that prejudice was based on experience trying to carry on conversations on a MUD, where other things are going on and it's hard to keep up with the flow with all the extraneous interruptions. Now that I've used IM a couple times, it's not so bad, though I do still prefer email. So, I've started logging in to LJTalk when I'm at home - I can't use it at work because only Windows Messenger works there, and anyhow, I don't really need that kind of distraction at work. If you want to add me, it's philaros[at]livejournal[dot]com. If you see me online, feel free to say hello.