October 8th, 2006


Yesterday was the anniversary of my closing date, when I officially purchased my condo. I didn't actually move in for another week, but as far as anniversaries go, that's no matter. I had a party to celebrate; the response was good, though unfortunately fewer people than I'd hoped were able to make it. I borrowed TonyD's speakers to use with my Mini, and that's really brought home to me how inadequate the Mini's built-in speaker is. I'm going to have to get some proper speakers soon, though it seems like I suddenly have quite a list of inessentials that I'm keen to get, and Christmas expenses are coming up.

Speaking of buying things, I bought a couple lemons and a couple small limes for the party, thinking people might want those for their drinks. Then I didn't remember to tell anyone or put them out. So, now I have a couple lemons and limes; what can I do with them before they go bad on me?

Nimiel was a lot more skittish than usual for the party. It may have been partly due to having her nails trimmed earlier that afternoon, which makes her a little sulky; it probably had more to do with the Dowlers' daughter attending the party, though she was as afraid of the cat as the cat was of her. Still, it was after the Dowlers had left that Nimiel stepped up onto Elizabeth's lap, but then hissed at her and John's attempts to pet her, finally making a not-playful jump and bite at Elizabeth's hand. I felt rather bad about that, it makes me feel I haven't done a good job of socializing her and teaching her how to play nicely, and of course I don't want my friends to be unable to approach her. I'm not sure what I can or should do about that.

My other friend John asked what I liked the most about having the condo, and what had surprised me about the condo after living here a month (or something to that effect). I'm really happy to have my own laundry machines, a dishwasher, and a garbage disposal; of those things, I believe the luxury of being able to do laundry any time and not have to leave my place was the most surprisingly enjoyable thing. But then, I intended to have those things with any condo I bought (I'd damn well have installed a garbage disposal if it hadn't had one, I never liked throwing food waste in the trash), so I don't feel like those are the most representative things for this condo.

I think what I like most about this condo is the layout, in particular the large open living space. I like that the living room's large enough to have two couches comfortably, with room to spare to use both of them in bed mode if need be. I like having the kitchen area open to the living room, so I can be doing stuff there without being cut off from guests. And I like that I can have all that and still have a separate bedroom to myself, making it easier for me to stay up later than guests sleeping over. As for what surprised me the most after I'd been living here for a bit, I think it's how much I like the location. I enjoy being able to walk to Fremont a lot more than I'd expected, and although I miss the ease of walking to Broadway on Capitol Hill or walking downtown, I've still found the area very walkable with a lot of interesting stuff nearby, and I'm not too far from downtown or Capitol Hill either. Thinking about this recently after getting yet another postcard promoting a new condo development on Capitol Hill, I decided that while I'd be happy to move back to the Hill if I found just the right place, I'm definitely happy where I am now and will gladly stay here for a long time.