September 17th, 2006

doing much of nothing

It's felt like a weekend of staying at home and not doing anything. Friday night I went grocery shopping and went home; yesterday I had a haircut, went clothes shopping, took a walk, and went home; today I did household chores. I didn't see any friends (except the hairstylist, who I almost never see elsewhere), I didn't go out for the evening, I didn't do anything special. And yet I had a fairly full weekend.

Certainly Friday night if I'd really wanted to I could've gone to see Telefon Tel Aviv at Neumos, or Mission of Burma and 50 Ft. Wave at the Crocodile, as I mentioned in my previous post. However, I just didn't feel like bothering with trying to rush home through traffic in order to make dinner before rushing out to one of the clubs. Instead, I waited for traffic to subside, then went to the grocery store on the way home, and once at home I was so disinterested in making dinner that I ended up just having Lipton chicken noodle soup with some frozen vegetables added. So I think that set the overall mood for the weekend.

Yesterday I took the bus downtown to get my hair cut; my last haircut was four months ago, so I really needed it, and it felt good to take care of that. Then I went to Macy's to look for some new pullover long-sleeve shirts. Last weekend I'd stopped in The Gap and Old Navy to look for shirts, and I hadn't liked a single thing I saw at either store. This wasn't the first time in the past year or two that I'd had the same reaction, either. The Gap looked like it'd taken all its clothes from Urban Outfitters, another store that just isn't my style, and that made its difference to Old Navy even less than usual. Maybe I'm just aging out of their demographics? Meanwhile, Macy's had sent me a 15% discount card for purchases made with my Macy's card this month, so I figured I might as well take a look there. They had more stuff I liked - Kenneth Cole in particular - but that's outside my price range, and also generally looked a little too stylish for my everyday wear at work. However, I did manage to find some shirts I liked at a decent price, and bought a few. The discount ended up not applying because "everyday value" items were excluded, but they were still relatively cheap, and I can afford to pay off the Macy's card over a few months, particularly since buying clothes is practically a once-a-year event. I've found that I'm inordinately pleased about the new shirts, which tells me that I've been more tired of wearing the same old ones than I'd realized.

After the haircut and clothes shopping, I decided to walk home as the weather's still fairly nice. I walked up the waterfront through the Myrtle Edwards/Elliott Bay Parks, which I've done before, but then I continued to follow the bike path around the Terminal 91 industrial area to Smith Cove, the southeastern tip of Magnolia. It turned out that it's a long walk around Terminal 91, which is not particularly attractive nor interesting. Smith Cove's a nice little waterfront park with a good view of downtown, but not worth visiting on foot; and there's nowhere to go from there, as the road dead-ends at the private Elliott Bay Marina. (You might actually be able to walk down the street past the Marina and then continue on the shoreline, but that's something to investigate another time.) So I made my way back around the west side of Terminal 91 to the north, where I was able to pick up a regular Magnolia side street and get to the Dravus Street bridge to head home. It was a good "short" walk, only three hours, though once again, I found myself wishing I had a bicycle.

Today I had to clean the catbox and my bathroom, which I always do together. I also finally got around to fixing my leaking sink, which in the end turned out to be as simple as getting a new O-ring to seal the pipe properly. I also finally bothered to change the light bulb in the overhead light/fan fixture. It felt really good to get those small things taken care of. I do have a new problem, which is that there doesn't seem to be any way to slide the ceramic pedestal back underneath the sink - the underside of the sink has a downward curve, matched by the top of the pedestal, but it's such a tight fit that I can't get the raised corners of the pedestal underneath the lowest part of the sink. I might be able to do it if I have someone to help pull up on the sink, although I'm afraid of damaging things by trying to force the pedestal back underneath. Maybe I can sand down the bottom of the pedestal... Anyhow, cleaning, fixing, and organizing things always makes me feel good, so I'm ending the weekend feeling pretty good about it.