August 31st, 2006

back from vacation

First of all, I've finally got around to finishing my August concert review, so go check out the previous post if you haven't seen it.

I had a good time with Doug's visit last week. Of course there was some gaming. He sat in on our Tuesday night game, in which we're currently using The Shadow Of Yesterday to play a pulp-space-fantasy series called "Tales from the Aether", which I wrote about before. We wrapped up the first series, "The Thought Lords of Mars", and now Tony is running a second series called "The Jovian Enigma". Then on Sunday I ran John's new game Agon, which is quite awesome. I didn't end up spending enough time preparing the three quests for the island I made up, and we had to rush to get through all three quests, but everyone (including me) had a good time.

In between, Doug and I did take an overnight trip down to Portland. We didn't actually do much in Portland besides spending a few hours at Powell's Books, but the following day we took a ride along the Columbia River Gorge and around Mount Hood. Then we drove across the northwest corner of Oregon to the town of Seaside, where I finally stood for the first time in the open Pacific Ocean and wrote my name in the sand to mark the occasion. We had dinner there, and then made the four-hour drive back to Seattle. Altogether I drove about 700 miles in two days, which was quite a lot, but I do enjoy driving and seeing new places. Also, the trip fulfilled one of my goals for 2006 - and considering how poorly I'm doing with meeting most of the other goals, that's some accomplishment.

Actually, now that Doug's gone and autum is approaching fast, it's time I make some serious moves on some of those goals, though that's a topic for later as it's late now and I have to get to bed.