August 10th, 2006

leaks, teeth, zoo

Well, the towel I stuck underneath the sink to absorb the leaking water finally became oversaturated - because I foolishly thought it was air-drying, which of course it wasn't, not enough, and I wasn't wringing it out - so I had to look into the leak. The pedestal turned out to be not too difficult to move, and in fact it is not actually supporting the sink, although I'm nervous about leaning on the sink or letting my cat on it. The leak turned out to be not in the u-bend drain pipe after all; instead, it's the ball-and-socket joint where the lever controlling the drain plug goes in to the drain pipe. I think I should be able to remove it and replace it with a new one, but I'm really unsure about doing that.

In the meantime, I find myself tempted to not fix the leak at all, not from laziness or uncertainty, but from amusement. Whenever the water starts dripping, Nimiel comes running and starts pawing at the falling water. Then she'll stick her head under the pipe to look at the water collecting in the container below, and be startled when more drops fall on her head. It's highly entertaining, but the water's not particularly clean of course since it's the sink drain, and leaving the leak will just lead to more problems soon.

Last week, having had the surgeon's okay the week before that, I finally got around to trying my retainers again, and of course neither of them fit right. Yesterday I went to the orthodontist's and had them adjusted. The retainer is making my teeth hurt; it seems as though my teeth all moved in together toward the center of my mouth, because the feeling is of the teeth being pushed back outward. The retainer was trimmed back enough that it's not really pressing on or irritating the area of the surgery, except there's a little pressure on the front teeth. Even with the adjustments, the retainer still doesn't fit quite properly. However, my gums and tissues are still inflamed on the upper left side, and the orthodontist doesn't want to take a casting until the inflammation has gone away, otherwise the new retainer won't fit properly. She had me check in with the surgeon to make sure the inflammation was okay, so I did that this morning, and he said everything looks fine and it's just going to take a while for that swelling to finally clear up.

While I was visiting the surgeon, I also asked about the surgery bill I received, what was going on and what their expectations were about payment. To my relief, they said not to worry about it; with the insurance claim still being processed, they don't expect anything from me until that's resolved. So I've still got some time before I'll find out how much I still owe and work out a plan to pay it, which is okay.

I have plans to go to the Woodland Park Zoo with the Saccos and maybe the Dowlers on Sunday. I haven't been before, and neither have the Saccos, even though they've lived here several years longer than I have. Actually, I don't even remember the last time I went to any zoo - I remember that I did not go to the National Zoo in D.C. back when my family took a trip to Virginia in 1978, because I was sick that day, and I was very disappointed that I missed seeing the tigers. I can't remember whether I was on any zoo trips after that. So this should be quite interesting. Hopefully the weather reports are accurate and it'll be a sunny warm day, as it's been cloudy and cool for a while now. We need more summery weather! We don't have all that much time left before summer ends.