July 27th, 2006

Is there a Mario Brother in the house?

For several weeks now - actually maybe closer to a few months now - my bathtub has been draining slowly, and getting worse. I bought some eco-friendly declogging stuff (uses bacteria) a few weeks ago, before my parents visited, and tried that. It didn't seem to help much. I gave it another chance and it definitely did not help. Meanwhile the drain's become so bad that within a couple minutes of being in the shower the water's covering my feet and headed up to my ankles. I kept forgetting to get "real" drain cleaner at the store, which just made me more annoyed each morning. I finally picked up some Drano this afternoon, it's supposed to be specially formulated for slow drains, and hopefully it'll work.

However, I've also noticed some water on the floor by the sink after using it. It wasn't much and I thought maybe it was just pipe sweat, due to the heat we've been having. But just now after rinsing out the Drano container, I discovered a little pool happily forming on the floor. The trouble is, although I know it's coming from the sink, I have no idea what's actually leaking. The pipes and tubes don't seem to be wet, and it seems to be coming from somewhere behind the column the sink stands on, which is difficult to look behind. Then if I do figure out where it's leaking from, I don't know what to do about it.

Of course, if evil turtles and mushrooms aren't to blame, then I suppose those Mario plumbers won't do me much good...
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