July 21st, 2006

money blinds us

Oh let's see, it must be time to talk about money again. I haven't talked about that since April. You'd think that being on a restricted diet, bringing a can of soup to work for lunch every day (about $8 a week, instead of the $35-ish I was spending buying sandwiches), and not going out for dinner, that I'd have saved money this month. Naturally, that's not so.

I did get a bill from the anesthesiologist for $200, the remainder not covered by insurance, so that's probably the main factor. I haven't yet seen any other surgery-related bills, but I would imagine that'll come up pretty soon, and I'll have to work out some kind of payment plan with the surgeon.

I've also resumed my vain effort to reduce my credit card debt, sending both cards $100 + the finance charge (currently about $40 each). It's a vain effort because inevitably something comes up that I have to put on one of the cards, and that something is expensive enough to negate my payment if not increase the balance by a hundred or two. This month that'll be the brake and clutch fluid replacement that my car's due for.

This would not seem to be a good time to see the optometrist and get new glasses, but I did indeed make an appointment for that for tomorrow afternoon. I've really been putting it off far too long - in fact, having looked in my old checking register (which, yes, I still have), my last appointment was in September 2000. Importantly, I do have vision insurance through work, and it's a good plan (so far as I can tell, not having compared it to others). My current glasses (lenses and frames) cost me $470 (!!) back in 2000, but then I didn't have any insurance coverage. This time, I'm hoping to pay much much less.

Once again, I whine about money problems, and then come up with something that shows how fortunate I actually am. It is my journal, these are actual real concerns for me, and my finances are more precarious than I want them, but still I now feel slightly embarrassed writing about them. Rightfully, no one wants to read about the troubles of the affluent; while I feel my grasp of that status is tenuous (and certainly my status is low on the American scale of affluence), it is still my status.

In other news, John finished writing his latest game, Agon, this week, and I edited it, as well as contributing a tiny bit of writing, an idea or two, and helping with playtests. I'm pretty excited about it, it's a very cool game about ancient Greek heroes competing to win eternal glory. It's debuting at GenCon in a couple weeks and will be available for purchase online starting August 20. Check it out.