July 12th, 2006

more about acid and teeth

Naturally, shortly after making my previous post, I had an attack of acid indigestion. I'm still not sure why, but I think it was a combination of only taking the Pepcid once that day (since I had got up late, and wanted to avoid overlapping with taking it the next morning), having had a lot of ice cream, and possibly taking my antibiotic dose a short while after eating instead of right away. The information with the antibiotic only says to use a full glass of water, and food is optional, but it still may have irritated me somehow.

Aside from that one attack though, I was fine through the weekend. I stopped taking the Pepcid after Sunday night, because the doctor had said to use it for one to two weeks, and the bottle also said not to use it more than two weeks in a row; Sunday was 12 days. I have been doing okay since then, but I note that I have had an acidic feeling in my throat when it's been a while since I last ate, with some discomfort just a bit ago. However, I also haven't been using any Mylanta, so perhaps I just need to make some occasional use of that, when I'm feeling uncomfortable, and I'll be okay.

My checkup with the surgeon today went well. He's cleared me to eat pretty much anything I don't actually have to bite into with my front teeth, so that makes my diet more manageable, though I expect to still be eating cautiously for a while. He's also put me on another week of antibiotics, because of some lingering puffiness in my gums, which is also keeping me from wearing my retainer again. At this point, I don't even want to start wearing the retainer again, I'm used to not having it. I'm really looking forward to having my false teeth in place and having a less obtrusive retainer, or at least only needing to wear it at night. However, the surgeon also said he thinks it'll be six months to a year before it's time to implant the posts, rather than the three to six months he'd been saying before. It's also possible I'll need to have some more bone grafted, just because what's been added may deteriorate a bit, but he said that a second graft would be much easier.

In other news, my parents' visit went well, we had a good time. We didn't do anything big and adventurous, mostly just walked around bits of Seattle and also Tacoma on Friday. Mom ran a half-marathon on Sunday as part of the Seafair Marathon, she missed her goal of 2.5 hours by 10 minutes but was still pretty happy with the race. They left on Monday, headed down to Sacramento to visit an uncle and see Yosemite National Park.

In conjunction with their visit, I finally got curtains from IKEA for the living room, adding more privacy and also blocking out more light when guests sleep over. I still don't have window screens, and since my options seem to be to buy materials at Home Depot to make my own, or go searching around for some local company that supplies or custom-makes them, I'll probably end up not dealing with it until next year. Huh, I guess I never actually wrote before about some of the minor issues with my place. Well, one of them is that my unit has no window screens; not all of the other units have screens either, so presumably they were not supplied in the first place. Anyone in Seattle happen to know a good place to get screens? (Edit to add: the windows are large single-pane ones, nearly 5' tall, that slide open to the side. Therefore, the small expandable screens that go in a vertical-sliding window won't work.)