July 4th, 2006


Well, as you might've guessed from my previous post, in which I was well enough to go to a concert, I've been feeling much better. The medicine they gave me did its job well; by the time I checked in with my regular physician on Thursday of that week, the acid indigestion was all but gone. Watching a bunch of classic videos on Wednesday also made me feel a lot better.

My physician recommended that I step down from the Protonix medicine to using Zantac or Pepcid for a week or two, and then Mylanta as needed after that, so that's what I've been doing. I've also continued to avoid drinking Coke or eating tomato sauce, and I've only just started drinking some orange juice in the morning, and only after I've already eaten. I have been eating ice cream and using whole milk for my hot cereal, but my diet's already restricted enough without removing that too, and they don't seem to be bothering me. I finished the Protonix last Tuesday and started on the Pepcid on Wednesday; I'll be using it through this weekend, which will be 12 days.

Meanwhile, my surgery recovery apparently is going well. I had a second checkup last Wednesday, and the surgeon said it looked good. However, he's keeping me on the soft food diet as long as possible, to make sure everything heals well and solidly. I expect he'll probably keep me on it through July, maybe August too. I have been able to stop running my soup through the blender, at least, and start eating things with some substance: Chinese pie, salmon, tuna, couscous, rice, blueberry muffins; basically anything I can mash around with my molars, without having to bite down much to break up the pieces. This weekend I had chicken twice, which worked okay because I could break it into small bits, but it still felt like cheating.

Thursday afternoon Mom and Dad arrive for a long weekend visit, before driving down to Sacramento to visit one of my uncles. I'm not sure how meals are going to work, but I'll manage.