June 21st, 2006

wicked awesome

Okay, this is too awesome not to pass around, and I can't imagine it staying online more than a couple days: it's a page compiling classic music videos, mostly from the 80's.


It's a fairly worksafe page, in that it doesn't have any kind of sketchy ad banners or anything like that. It's got a huge list of all kinds of different videos from back in the day; it seems to be just one video per artist, and it's not always the obvious one.

"Don't turn around, wah-ohh! (zhuh zhuh), Der Kommisar's in town oh-wah-ohhh!"...

Also: Joe Walsh's "The Confessor" neatly encapsulates many many things I love about rock. Led Zeppelin is often associated with Dungeons & Dragons, but for me, this song (and video) does the same. (Sadly, that clip cuts off the very end of the video.)

Also also: I have not seen "The Politics of Dancing" in at least twenty years, and I haven't heard the song since my tape wore out at least six years ago. That made me very very very happy.
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