June 19th, 2006

bleah, but feeling less so

Well, yesterday was not so good. I'd had even less sustenance than usual on Friday and Saturday because of the heartburn problem, so I imagine that contributed to my feeling tired and lousy all day. I spent most of the day sitting around and dozing. I did eat some broth in the afternoon, then later some more substantial soup (Campbell's Vegetable Beef, run through the blender), and while it did still feel uncomfortable, it wasn't painful like the mashed potato attempt on Friday evening had been.

So today I called in sick to work and spent the day reading Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, which Tony had brought with him when we went to the ER and I'd started reading there. It was really good, and I laughed out loud - yes, really - when I came across the Neuromancer reference. The only trouble is that it made me want to watch MirrorMask or some similar kind of movie, and I don't have any such thing on hand.

I also managed to eat some more today, cream of wheat for breakfast and the rest of the vegetable beef soup for lunch. I tried heating up and mashing some frozen vegetables, but I wasn't really able to mash them up adequately with my fork - I could still kind of just swallow bits of it, but I kept finding myself having to chew a bit, and a couple funny feelings in my jaw reinforced that that really wasn't a good idea. (I don't think I did anything bad, I just felt it up toward the front of my mouth, and that seemed like a bad thing.) I've just made some couscous, maybe that'll work - the surgeon did think that'd be okay.

I have a follow-up appointment with my regular physician on Thursday, meanwhile I think I'm going to pick up some kind of antacid tomorrow and add that to my routine (the instructions for the acid-suppressing pills do say that an antacid can be taken as well).
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