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June 1st, 2006

surgery approaches...

I visited my doctor today as part of the preparations for my surgery. We didn't do a full physical, she just checked a couple basic things and then they took blood for a set of standard tests ("complete blood count"). She asked about my activity level, and I replied "sedentary" in a facetiously exaggerated guilty voice. I did then tell her a bit of what I wrote in my last entry, about being able to take very long walks with relative ease but being "wiped out" by my short sprint. She pointed out how the sprint differs, that I was going almost from rest to full speed without a warm-up, and of course I haven't been doing any kind of activity to make me fit for that kind of sprint. Still, that just emphasizes that I need to get some regular activity back into my life.

I had to go grocery shopping tonight, so I picked up some stuff I thought that I'd want post-operation. I still feel somewhat at a loss about my diet, not having a good idea how long I'll be stuck to liquids, and not feeling like I know enough about what to make. I'm also torn between not wanting to buy excessive amounts of stuff and worrying that I won't have enough to last until I'm up to driving myself again. Maybe Andrea's right and I should just sleep for a week...

This Saturday I'm having a party at my place. Back at the beginning of May, I just thought that I hadn't had a bunch of people over since my housewarming in November, and it'd be nice to have a party before the operation. I've also been feeling a little morbid, in a whimsical fashion, since filling out the consent form at the surgeon's office a couple weeks ago, so I keep thinking things like, "yes, it'll be good to see all my friends before the operation, just in case...," or how I really need to call my siblings as well as my parents before the operation, just in case.... I guess it's just a matter of being an adult for this operation, with responsibilities, and with an understanding of potential risks. Well as I said, it's been a whimsical mood, not a dark brooding one, so I guess I'm okay with things. I do need to prepare a contingency document this weekend though, so my friends know who to call, just in case.... (Heee.)

On that note, I'll have to make a point of posting next Thursday after I get home, to let you know how things went. I may not post more than "Owwwwwwww...", but I will try to post.


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