May 18th, 2006

surgery plans

Yesterday I had another meeting at the oral surgeon's office about my upcoming surgery to complete (one hopes) my cleft palate repair work. One thing I had to do was read and sign a consent form indicating that all the horrible things that could go wrong had been explained to me. The form's introduction said "this is not intended to alarm you," and I thought, well, I am alarmed now, regardless. It seems overly morbid, but I suppose I really need to make a short list of instructions just in case - people who need to be called or emailed, how to log in and leave a post here, oh and then there's all that financial crap to deal with. Ugh. Well heck, I don't want to have to deal with all that, I don't want someone else to have to either, so I'll just not have anything bad happen to me. That sounds like a much better plan. Seriously though, I suppose being a property owner and a cat owner, it's probably time I drew up a will, though I doubt that's something I can actually get done before the operation at this point.

Hopefully I haven't now freaked all of you out, either. It is technically outpatient surgery - if I'm doing well enough afterward, they could release me the same day, though they told me to expect to stay overnight at the hospital. They also said I'll be out of work at least five days - the operation's on a Wednesday, and they said the earliest I could expect to go back to work was Monday, maybe not until Wednesday. I do have the option of working from home, at least. Also, I believe I can pull the necessary time off as sick days, though I have to check on that.

Another problem I face is food. At least through that first weekend, I'll basically be on a liquid diet, though I'll still need to be getting in protein and such. Chewing almost anything will be out. Anyone have suggestions or recipes to help me out? And do you want to come visit and make dinner for me? Even after that, they said I'll have to avoid hard and crunchy foods for at least a couple weeks. Now I already eat a fair amount of pasta and vegetables, so that won't be too much problem I suppose, but I guess I'll be eating soup for lunch all week.

I talked to my friend Pam earlier this evening, and she asked if I were excited to be getting the work done. I'm not. I'm a little anxious, somewhat resigned, and mostly impatient to be done with all this already. As I indicated last time I discussed this, though, the expected time frame is up to another year before I actually get the replacement teeth in place and the work can be considered done - presuming this bone graft heals correctly in the first place, that is. Someday it'll be done, but that day is not this day.