April 13th, 2006

odds and ends

I haven't got around yet to telling you that the burglary trial ended mid-week after I testified, and the defendant was found guilty. I still haven't been paid for my witness appearance actually, I hope that arrives soon. (It's not much, but what with being so cash-strapped, it'll be a week's worth of lunches.) I'm also supposed to receive a form that will let me describe the impact of the crime upon me, for the judge to consider during sentencing. It's optional, and I may fill that out, but I'm not sure.

Earlier this week I had another appointment at the oral surgeon's office, to find out exactly what's going on with my insurance coverage and when we would schedule the procedure. My medical insurance will cover 90% of the bone graft surgery, which is good, but given the estimates they gave me I will still have to pay $1,600 or so. What's more worrisome, financial-wise, is the work that remains after that: apparently the actual implants and the false teeth come under dental insurance, which pays a maximum of $2,000 yearly, and each of those procedures will cost something like three times that amount. However, the implant work is done three to six months after the graft work, and the final teeth replacement is another three to six months later, so I have some time to find ways to deal with this. In any case, this work is all necessary, as I've explained before, not just a simple vanity choice, so it has to be done. The bone graft surgery is now scheduled for June 7.

What with the continual dental work and the pressing financial worries, I've been pretty stressed lately. No doubt that's contributing to my general achiness and not sleeping well - or at least being tired a lot during the daytime regardless of how I felt about my rest - and also may be why I seem to keep getting canker sores every few weeks. Stupid canker sores. Also this afternoon, I started feeling like I was developing a cold, but that feeling lessened after I got home and started eating dinner and drinking cranberry/orange juice. Still, I'll have to make sure to get to bed earlier than usual - hopefully Nimiel won't decide that means we get up earlier than usual, though given how she's been feisty the past few mornings, I don't have much hope.