March 10th, 2006

light and power

No one cares about my traffic woes, do you. Can't say I blame you, traffic sucks everywhere - well, unless you live in the middle of nowhere, Maine...

I bought a small flashlight this week, just as something generally useful to have but also specifically to help find the toy mice that keep getting lost under the various appliances. Well, the flashlight itself is the new hit toy - or rather the spot of light it creates on surfaces. Nimiel chases that spotlight around at top speed, trying to catch it, and even leaps at it when it's halfway up the door. That in particular is rather amusing for me, though I think I really have to resist doing that as I worry she'll hurt herself jumping so hard at the door.

I got my second electric bill. The first one covered nearly three months from when I bought the condo in October to nearly the end of December. When I got that bill, I was alarmed by the large amount, but reasoned that it covered nearly three months and divided up that way it was about the same, as far as I could tell as what I'd been paying in combination for gas and electric at the old apartment. Well, my new bill covers January and February, and it is only about $5.00 less than my previous bill. Yikes! I'm sure some of the higher amount has to do with the colder weather we've had, and also I'm sure having both laundry machines and a dishwasher also raises my bill above what I'm used to spending. I guess I'll have a better idea of that in the summer when I won't be running the heaters.