March 2nd, 2006

blather about my journal

I wanted to make another post this week so that when looking at the calendar view for March, there'd be a post visible this week. I'm sure I still had a few topics I'd been meaning to write about, but I'm having a hard time thinking of anything. I did want to mention as a follow-up to this post that Nicole's profile did not stay visible, it was suspended again and has remained suspended. No surprise (or regret) there.

A few weeks ago I did a reader poll to find out a little about the reading habits of you, my readers. The poll is still available if you haven't taken it and are a LiveJournal member, and if you're not a member you can just leave a comment. One thing I mentioned in that post was that if you normally read my journal on your LiveJournal Friends page or as an RSS feed (I think Eldy is the only one who does that), then you might not know about a couple minor features of my journal page. One is the "Thought of the Moment" sidebar, updated sporadically. Another is my journal's subtitle, also changed sporadically.

The third element is my sidebar list of "Other Blogs". These are the blogs I check daily for updates, although all of them update only a couple times a week or less. Most of them are written by personal friends. A couple are journals I stumbled across a long time ago, at least five years (bluishorange) and maybe as long as nine years (out of order, vox.machina (actually, vox.machina didn't even exist back then, I started out reading another of Zannah's sites, .found. (which I see she's been updating again, after a year or so (hopefully pointing that out won't discourage her from further updates! (oh yeah, that's right, it's nested parentheticals, baby!))))), and have been reading ever since because they're so well-written and enjoyable. I've left many comments on each of those blogs over the years, though so far as I know only Zannah actually reads my journal in return.

The blog list also includes a link to my Friendster profile (so all the single babes that I'm certain are flocking here to hang on my every word can go find out more about me) (hey kids, try to find the fine line between self-deprecation and sarcasm!), and to Attacks of Opportunity, the game design blog of which I'm a member. I don't include any of the LiveJournals I read in that list, but of course you can look at my own Friends page for the latest updates or go to my User Info page to see the full list of friends. (Both of those are also linked at the top of my journal.) I used to have a link in that list to The VHive Forums, but I've moved that to the top bar in place of the "Beets Forum" link I had there, as the Beets Forum will be closed for good in a month or so.

I created the current design of my journal last June, after buying a permanent account - a paid/permanent account was required to get the advanced layouts and customization features; I'd been meaning to get a paid account for that and other features, since I'd started using my journal frequently; and then LiveJournal had one of their rare permanent account sales, so I jumped on it. What do you think of this design? No one ever commented on the new look (although as I recall John did tell me in person he liked it), and I've been curious. I still like it and don't plan to change soon, regardless of what y'all think.

For having a hard time thinking of what to write about, this is plenty long enough!