February 22nd, 2006

more work

Because I usually post only once a week, and because I don't hold illusions about being a highly popular and riveting writer, I've presumed that most people who do read my journal tend to check for updates once a week or so, maybe a little more often, maybe less. As a result, I've developed a tendency to delay new posts, wanting to allow enough time for people to see the current one and make comments. That means occasionally I want to write about some occurrence but it gets displaced and maybe forgotten as other events come up. Of course, some of those displaced and never-made posts would have been whining about my lack of romance and companionship, so it's not without benefit to you, my readers.

I also don't often write about work, for a few reasons. One is that my job's not particularly exciting or interesting - what our company does may be so to other professionals in the field, but as my primary role (in theory) is editorial, I don't often have much to say about it. As a corollary, if I do have something to say about work, it's at least as likely to be a complaint as not, and I believe that if I have a complaint then I should be discussing it with my bosses, not writing about it on my journal. Finally, at least one of my bosses reads my journal (hi, John!), so it's better to be prudent and not write about how he's always going on and on about how much better Goffstown NH is than Nashua NH, which is such a pack of lies.

Anyhow, all of that is to say that I've taken on a new role at work, that of being the office manager. Our previous manager left at the end of January, and they asked me to take on those duties, with a raise of course. Initially I wasn't interested, partly because I didn't want to get sidetracked into administrative work instead of editing, and partly because that's basically what happened at my old job back in Boston when they didn't have enough to keep me busy. However, I knew that we both agreed my editing skills are valuable to the company and that it's in everyone's interest to make more use of them; I also decided it could only be a good thing to become more involved in keeping the company functioning; and of course, I really needed the raise. So I accepted the role after all, and actually started doing the work last week. It actually is not without interest to me, as it appeals to my strong... urge, I think is the right word, to organize, and to know that things are organized. This will keep me going for now, and hopefully sooner rather than later my time will fill out with more of the more valuable editing and writing work that can earn me another raise.

I thought I should add that the office manager duties are additional to my regular work, not replacing it, and clarify that the general plan still is that I'll get more editing and writing work and eventually give up the office management stuff to a new part-time person.