February 21st, 2006

route 520 driving madness

Nothing about Seattle-area drivers drives me crazier than this:

When headed east on Route 520, invariably everyone



as they approach the western highrise portion of the bridge across Lake Washington. No matter what the weather is, no matter what traffic on the other side of the highrise is doing - which, the vast majority of the time, happens to be driving at least at the 50-mph speed limit - no matter what, everyone slows down and frequently stops. For no apparent reason whatsoever.


As I noted in my recent readership poll post, my LiveJournal layout includes a sidebar called "Thought of the Moment," which I change from time to time. The above complaint is the most recent thought, which I wrote some time in mid-January. I haven't actually changed it yet but I will soon, and I figured this complaint deserved to be documented in my journal; otherwise, it's simply lost when I change the text.

This week traffic's actually much better than usual, as it's school vacation; nevertheless, the usual annoyances of people driving badly manage to crop up during the commute. The design of 520 doesn't help much, and the project to replace the floating bridge across Lake Washington, which may also fix the awful Route 520 / I-405 / exit to 124th street interchange, is still a few years away from beginning construction. Hopefully the whole thing won't collapse and sink during a windstorm (photos of the bridge during the recent windstorm) or earthquake before then - at least not while I'm driving on it.