January 29th, 2006

January concert: Carrie Akre at the Tractor

Last night I went with John and his girlfriend Elizabeth to the Tractor Tavern to see Carrie Akre and Matthew Lee Patrick. One reason I chose this show was that I was under the mistaken impression that John already was a fan of Carrie Akre; it turned out we were both only vaguely aware of her due to KEXP. The other reason was that I hadn't seen anything else interesting for the month, and at least I'd heard of Carrie Akre. (It turns out I'm missing a sold-out show at Neumos tonight with Imogen Heap - again, someone I'm only vaguely aware of - and Zoe Keating, the second cellist from Rasputina. I definitely would've gone to that show if I'd known in time, if only for Zoe Keating.)

Not surprisingly for a show at the Tractor, both Matthew Patrick and Carrie Akre turned out to be folk-pop artists, in the vein of Jessie Sykes, Dar Williams, or the folkier side of Barenaked Ladies. Matthew Patrick had more of the Barenaked Ladies sound going on; Carrie Akre was closer to the "sad piano-playing chick" style that I generally find uninteresting, though finally her last song had a bit of driving guitar and bite to it, and I enjoyed that more. I ended up feeling like I'd sat through two opening acts and it was time for the headliner to come out and rock, except the headliner hadn't shown up. John however really enjoyed Carrie Akre and Matthew Patrick too, I think, and I believe Elizabeth liked them both too.

February has some possibilities that are more interesting to me:
  • Oh hey, Kinski are playing this Saturday the 4th at the Sunset Tavern (warning: ugly web page that automatically resizes your browser window to as big as possible - Bad, Sunset, Bad!), with a couple bands I don't know (Nudity and Lott Lyzzyrd). I should probably hold off on Kinski for a bit, though. Also, that's a rather small space to put the very loud sound of Kinski into.
  • Wednesday the 8th The Showbox has Stars, who do a cool trip-hop cover of The Smith's "This Charming Man," but otherwise I'm unfamiliar with them.
  • Thursday the 9th, there's a bunch of bands at The Crocodile Cafe doing covers of the Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs (although if that doesn't sell out in advance, I'll be surprised).
  • Also that night My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult are playing El Corazón, although all I know by them is "Glamour Is A Rocky Road".
  • Sunday the 12th at the Sunset again, there's an early early (as in 4 pm) show including Dragstrip Riot; they're a rockabilly band, which is something else I'm not really into, but the band's bassist works at one of the bar/restaurants we (John and others and I) often go to, and their CD's not bad.
  • Neumos has The Wedding Present on Tuesday the 21st, I know I heard something by them recently and thought "Oh, that's The Wedding Present? huh, interesting," but of course I can't actually remember what the song was that caught my attention
I wasn't expecting that list to be quite so long, now I feel bad for shortchanging the January show. Oh well, last year I never really wrote anything about the January show at all.